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If you've ever seen a dumpster in a next-door neighbor's property you may have thought about how much less complicated it would make your restoration projects. It is great how affordable it is. Eliminating all your surplus clutter is simply a call away. At Rhino Roll-off Rentals we are here to support with all your roll off dumpster wishes. We pride ourselves on maintaining clean and durable dumpsters.

At Rhino Roll-off Rentals, we strive to provide the highest degree of professional services to consumers in the Huntington region. We offer budget friendly dumpster rental rates, quality client service, and a broad selection of dumpster sizes to select from so you have the ideal roll off container for the job.

Call our handy professionals at 304-903-9399 to find out what's associated with scheduling a home dumpster service. We serve the entire Huntington area. Our staff can help you figure out the home dumpster that works best for your spending plan, schedule, and readily available area. We'll even talk you through concerns such as whether you'll need a specialized permit for residential dumpster rental.

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Huntington dumpster rental

10 Yard Dumpsters

10 yard dumpster measurements are typically 11 feet long, 8 feet wide and 3.5 feet high. They can hold up to 10 cubic yards of debris in volume, which is about 50-60 13-gallon trash bags.

20 Yard Dumpsters

20 yard dumpster measurements are typically 22 feet long, 8 feet wide and 3.5 feet high. They can hold up to 20 cubic yards of debris in volume, which is about 120 13-gallon trash bags.

30 Yard Dumpsters

30 yard dumpster measurements are typically 22 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet high. They holds 30 cubic yards of debris in volume, which is about 180 13-gallon trash bags.

40 Yard Dumpsters

40 yard dumpster measurements are typically 22 feet long, 8 feet wide and 6.5 feet high. They can hold up to 40 cubic yards of debris in volume, which is about 240 13-gallon trash bags.

Dumpster rental - Huntington, WV

What our customers say about our service

The people at Rhino Roll-off Rentals took great care of us. Delivered the dumpster on time and called ahead to let us know they were on their way. Picked up the dumpster as scheduled. Thank you.

Steven F

Customer service reps were very helpful and got my delivery schedule quickly. The dumpster was dropped off as promised and placed correctly on my property. Rhino Roll-off Rentals was great about calling to confirm my pickup time.

Jessica L

Great service! Dropped off on time. Called Monday and they dropped off at my Huntington house on Tuesday. They picked it up within 4 hours of us having the dumpster full and on the same day!

Mike R

Dumpsters for all residential and construction projects

It's challenging to learn just how much waste you can fit into a dumpster. It's critical not to presume which size would be best. You could end up losing cash on an excessively sizable dumpster. We would like to caution you that this technique can wind up being a catastrophe. We can't legally take away your dumpster if you have waste stacked beyond the top of the rim. Another scenario is that you'll require to shell out for a second dumpster to deal with the additional junk, whilst a bigger one could have cost much less than the cost of two smaller sized ones.

To prevent these problems, make an attempt to decide on the ideal size from the beginning. The standard sizes are 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-cubic yard dumpsters. A little 10- to 15-cubic yard size can fit landscaping plant remains or a home cleanup of one living area. A 20-cubic yard dumpster might be made use of for a remodel of one room or for a cleaning of your whole home. A 20-cubic yard size can also sometimes suffice for a multiple-room redesign. The 30- to 40-cubic yard sizes are optimal for construction and demolition jobs with large waste.

While these numbers provide you an outline of which dumpster size you would need to have for your task, there is room for error. We recommend that you enable our specialists to help you make certain the best size for your job. To tell our team more about your requirements, please give us a ring at 304-903-9399.

Dumpster Sizes

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Dumpster rental prices in Austin, TX

When seeking economical rates for dumpster rental service in Huntington you ought to think about a few things. Including, the types of material that will be discarded and the type of job you are working on. Some debris and garbage can have various disposal requirements, such as hot water heater, heaters, central air conditioning units, ovens and other appliances. The size and heaviness of the contents can also play a role in dumpster costs. It can take longer and use up more gas to transport away solid blocks of concrete than it would when disposing of landscape waste and dirt.

If you are collaborating with a building business, they can share with you the amount of demolition or waste that might be generated based on previous undertakings they have handled. Then Rhino Roll-off Rentals can make use of this relevant information to help you pick the correct dumpster to rent.

Residential and Commercial Project Types

Construction Dumpster.
Demolition Dumpster.
Residence Dumpster.
Yard Waste Dumpster.
Family Garbage Dumpster.
Rubbish Dumpster.
Scrap Metal Dumpster.
Concrete Dumpster.

Dumpsters for Specific Materials.

Dumpster for Scrap.
Dumpster for Landscape Waste.
Dumpster for Dirt Extraction.
Dumpster for Concrete.
Dumpster for Roof Replacement.
Dumpster for Shingles.
Dumpster for Dirt.

In addition to paying for the rental fee, you also ought to take into consideration Huntington garbage dump costs as well as permits into the price figure. It is best to give our staff here at Rhino Roll-off Rentals a phone call at 304-903-9399 right away to get more information about dumpster prices. Then we can provide you with details about prices and the types of dumpsters for lease based upon your requirements and budget plan.

Pricing Factors

Length of rental

Dumpster size

Local landfill fees

Type of debris

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Do you need a dumpster permit in Huntington?

​​While a dumpster rental provider can normally give you handy standards in relation to rental license regulations, it's best to speak with your regional town or city official. This additional measure is oftentimes a good idea simply because rules can change from year to year, and from town to town.

Just like other aspects of renting out a dumpster, the license question will probably depend on the nature of the job. For instance, if you prepare to position a dumpster in your lawn or on your driveway, several communities will not call for a license. Still, in the event that your job permits you to to place the dumpster on a public street, you'll almost certainly need a permit. Back streets and sidewalks are additional instances of public places where a dumpster normally involves a special license.

Keep in mind that the substances of which you are throwing away can likewise factor into the license picture. In addition, some homeowners and even home occupants who require a dumpster might likewise need a license.

The professionals at Rhino Roll-off Rentals will tell you what permit prices are needed, but also if any supporting information will be needed and how to get it. You can connect with us at 304-903-9399. Our pros are ready and available to address every one of your questions.

Dumpster Permits

Call your local city office

If required get a permit before your delivery date

Call with any questions you may have regarding permits.

We're available to answer any questions you may have.

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