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Wisconsin is a bustling state. It can be a challenge to rent a dumpster if you are in the world of construction, property or waste removal. There are a handful typical questions that will be able to help complete your task without having a lot of extra effort by choosing the most ideal dumpster. What commercial or residential dumpster size is the right one for your job? Are you going to be charged for a permit in Waukesha if you are making an effort to rent a residential dumpster within the city? Will Waukesha have to get included before the rental process is finished? At Rhino Roll-off Rentals we will get you the details that you need. Do not believe that you need to deal with the difficult administration and logistics on your own when you have us at hand.

If you are looking at any dumpster rental or junk removal activity in Waukesha phone us at 262-714-0732. We will help you get your problems resolved before you totally commit to any residential dumpster rental. Your questions are vital to the success of your project.

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Getting the right dumpster size for your project

Waukesha dumpster rental

10 Yard Dumpsters

10 yard dumpster measurements are typically 11 feet long, 8 feet wide and 3.5 feet high. They can hold up to 10 cubic yards of debris in volume, which is about 50-60 13-gallon trash bags.

20 Yard Dumpsters

20 yard dumpster measurements are typically 22 feet long, 8 feet wide and 3.5 feet high. They can hold up to 20 cubic yards of debris in volume, which is about 120 13-gallon trash bags.

30 Yard Dumpsters

30 yard dumpster measurements are typically 22 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet high. They holds 30 cubic yards of debris in volume, which is about 180 13-gallon trash bags.

40 Yard Dumpsters

40 yard dumpster measurements are typically 22 feet long, 8 feet wide and 6.5 feet high. They can hold up to 40 cubic yards of debris in volume, which is about 240 13-gallon trash bags.

Dumpster rental - Waukesha, WI

What our customers say about our service

Rhino Roll-off Rentals prices are excellent and their service is amazing. I spent a few minutes on the phone describing my job to their wonderful staff and the next day a dumpster was at my house in Waukesha.

Steven F

Received the dumpster on time and when I called for them to pick it up it was done on time with a minimum of effort on my part.

Jessica L

Great service! Dropped off on time. Called Monday and they dropped off at my Waukesha house on Tuesday. They picked it up within 4 hours of us having the dumpster full and on the same day!

Mike R

Dumpsters for all residential and construction projects

It may seem to be as if there is just one type of dumpster that you can rent out. But, there are a range of sizes and it's crucial to decide on the appropriate one for your undertaking. In this way it will definitely handle all of your waste and help you conserve cash. While you might likewise discover some in-between dumpster sizes, the four basic sizes are:

10 cubic yards.
20 cubic yards.
30 cubic yards.
40 cubic yards.

If you need waste removal for the clean-up of one living area or from a landscaping undertaking, a 10-cubic yard size would very likely work. If you will be cleaning your entire house or carrying out remodel or restoration tasks on one bedroom, expect to be in need of a 20-cubic-yard dumpster. If you are doing a big remodel of your home or business, you might require a 20- or 30-cubic lawn dumpster. Finally, a major construction or demolition job would very likely need a big 30- or 40-cubic yard dumpster.

By opting for the correct dumpster size, you can stop issues throughout your work. For example, deciding on a big enough size from the start could certainly prevent you from needing to have a 2nd dumpster later. We always advise that you review your industrial or home dumpster rental requirements with Rhino Roll-off Rentals before you decide on a size. We have the skills to understand the volume of waste associated with your task and the size you would likely need. To discuss your task and for help selecting the correct size, please get in touch by phoning 262-714-0732.

Dumpster Sizes

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Dumpster rental prices in Austin, TX

How much time will you need to possess your dumpster on site? What is the location of the property within the greater Waukesha area where the dumpster will be transported? Will you want to get the dumpster hauled away, dumped and returned? These are a few of the concerns that the friendly staff at Rhino Roll-off Rentals will ask you when you phone us.

In addition to the dumpster size required and the location of transfer, other aspects will enter into estimating your dumpster rental price. Availability sometimes enters play, since some seasons are busier than others when it pertains to equipment demand for waste elimination and renovation jobs. You can reach us at 262-714-0732 to answer all your particular dumpster price questions.

Our residential dumpster and commercial dumpster categories consist of the list below:

general residential dumpster.
residential trash dumpster.
trash dumpster.
yard waste dumpster.
general construction dumpster.
scrap metal dumpster.
concrete dumpster.
demolition dumpster.

Roll off dumpster categories can differ depending upon what they need to hold. Each of our dumpsters is designed to hold a specified class of waste substance. The series of materials that our product line of dumpster rentals are created to deal with consist of:

dumpster for residential scrap.
dumpster for lawn waste.
dumpster for dirt extraction.
dumpster for roof replacement.
dumpster for shingles.
dumpster for concrete.

Pricing Factors

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Type of debris

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Do you need a dumpster permit in Waukesha?

​​The last factor that you may be wondering is do you need to have a license to have a dumpster on your residential property or at your work location. The easiest response is to speak with your city government to see what they recommend. A good place to begin, is to think about where the dumpster is mosting likely to be placed. In a city like Waukesha you are likely going to have much more stringent guidelines regarding what you can and can not place on your residential property than you would in the country side far from the city boundaries.

In many cases, if the dumpster is going to be put on personal property, you are not going to have to fret about a permit. If you are positioning it in a public area you are probably going to need a license of some kind. You want to ensure when placing your non commercial dumpster that it is not clogging traffic in any way. Also, be sure that it is not creating a health or security risk, and that you are never encroaching on anybody else's home. When push comes to shove it is usually more desirable to have a license than it is to guess if you need one or not.

If you have any questions about rentals call 262-714-0732, looking for relevant information is usually the fastest and most accurate means to get the info you need.

Dumpster Permits

Call your local city office

If required get a permit before your delivery date

Call with any questions you may have regarding permits.

We're available to answer any questions you may have.

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